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A radioactive isotope of cobalt with mass number 60 and exceptionally intense gamma-ray activity, used in radiotherapy, metallurgy, and materials testing.
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The frankincense oleogum resin was finely powdered and transferred into polyethylene bags and treated with 10 kGy of gamma rays, using Indian Gamma Cell ( Ge 4000 A) 60Co source at a dose rate of 1.667 kGy/h at the National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT), Egypt.
Meanwhile, of the 500 patients, 120 received 60Co radiation at bilateral supraclavicular lymph node drainage areas with anterior and posterior two-field radiation (30-36 Gy) in the early course and bilateral longitudinal or anterior oblique radiation (45-55 Gy) in the late course.
Shoaib of Pakistan Radiation Services (PARAS), Lahore, Pakistan, for providing the 60Co, gamma irradiator, facility.
Effect of combined treatment of 60Co gamma ray and EMS on anti-oxidase activity and ODAP content in Lathyros sativus.
Gamma irradiation was carried out in the 60Co gamma chamber Model 4000 A; product of India (we only interest the measurement of the dose rate by the organized system here accordingly samples irradiated to the required dose).
60Co contamination in recycled steel resulting in elevated civilian radiation doses: causes and challenges.
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Manawthuka through mutation breeding technique using 60Co gamma source.
Irradiation of sample: Purslane powder was packed in the polyethylene bags, then irradiated using a 60Co Russian gamma chamber; dose rate was 1.3 kGy/h and the radiation doses used were 5, 7 and 9 kGy.
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