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Adj.1.64 - being four more than sixty64 - being four more than sixty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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This letter was probably written between 62 and 64 AD.
| 64 AD: The Great Fire of Rome took place during the reign of Nero.
Tradition has it that Peter suffered martyrdom there in the great Christian persecution ordered by Nero in 64 AD.
Remember the Roman emperor chap, Nero, who in 64 AD had indulged in 'fiddling' while Rome was burning.
They can burn: Rome in 64 AD (possibly thanks to the Emperor Nero); Constantinople in 1203 (courtesy of the Fourth Crusade); Lisbon in 1755 (because of the earthquake); Moscow in 1812 (thanks to Napoleon); Hamburg in 1842; Chicago in 1871,* San Francisco in 1906...