digital subscriber line

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: subscriber line - a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds
ligne d'accès numérique
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Tenders are invited for Cygnus 850 64Kbps G Hdsl Modular Modems Pair Consisting Of One Unit With V 35 Interfacer And One Unit With Cod Interface With Dual Power Supply And Supply With Necessory Cables Etc As Per Annexure A
Customers can choose from Platinum, Gold and Silver packages and can benefit from bandwidth ranging from 64Kbps to 1Gbps.
Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Lite (modem setting of 128 kbps download, 64kbps upload) is $29.
This element is used to monitor in-service T/1E/1 circuits, including 64Kbps channels within these connections performing routine tests for errors, signal characteristics and timing.
Nowadays, its satellite network provides links for phone, fax and data communications with speeds of 64Kbps to 270,000 active terminals (ships, road vehicles, aircraft and other mobile terminals).
ISDN, on the other hand, is a digital technology and it is possible to send data at 64kbps.
Simultaneous voice and internet access using dual channels Each call requires exclusive connection Speed: 64kbps Internet data: W-CDMA packet-switched channel Multiple users share same wide frequency for fast simultaneous internet access Uplink speed: 64kbps Attachments can include movies and music files Download speed: 384kbps Weight: 150g Thickness: 35mm closed Width: 56mm Applications: Videophone, games, TV, i-mode internet access, e-mail Built-in video camera: To view smooth, real-time images Large full-colour screen Sources: Reuters, NTT DoCoMo copyright GRAPHIC NEWS
The minimum service level guaranteed at the outline fringe area of a network will be 64kbps.
The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD delivers telco-grade lifeline POTS using full PCM over 64kbps of dedicated bandwidth for each POTS line.
The Xiad2000 is a next generation spitterless VoDSL residential/SOHO gateway providing "full rate" ADSL high-speed data transport along with four 64kbps "derived" voice channels over a single copper pair linking branch offices, home offices and individual subscribers to their Network Service Providers, including Internet Service Providers.
Option 2 will furnish ships at sea with three VoIP telephone lines along with a two-way guaranteed data rate at 64kbps and featuring a maximum bandwidth rate of 256kbps ship-to-shore and 512kbps return speed.
Throughput during the introductory period will be limited to a maximum 64Kbps per second, a far cry from the expected 128Kbps of 3G wireless.