seventh-inning stretch

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sev·enth-inn·ing stretch

The point in a baseball game between the top and bottom of the seventh inning, when fans by tradition stand up and stretch their legs.
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The drawing will be during the 7th inning stretch and you must be present to win.
Public Executions for the Wave during the 7th Inning Stretch
On the whole, our assessment as of the third quarter of 2012 is that we are in the 7th inning stretch.
On July 4, each home team will host an on-field reading of Gehrig's farewell speech during the 7th Inning Stretch.
Mile Square Theatre, founded in 2002 in Hoboken by Chris O'Connor, organizes an annual 7th Inning Stretch festival of seven 10-minute plays about baseball.
We even had the privilege of singing and dancing with Dinger during the 7th inning stretch.
It helps break up the concert, like a 7th inning stretch or something.
7TH INNING STRETCH Strained silicon has become ready for the production line at just the right time.
Watch the 7th inning stretch of any ball game and you'll hear a stirring rendition of "God Bless America.
Enjoy the 7th inning stretch near the press box, as a celebrity guest sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with the crowd
The programs include; their own 7th Inning Stretch tutoring and mentoring program for at-risk youth, local high school and RYLA Scholarships (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards), Courtney's Sandcastle Universal Playground that provides fun and interactive child play opportunities regardless of their abilities, Surfer's Healing and Shea Therapeutic Riding Center for children with disabilities.
Broadway actress Kelli O'Hare will sing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch.