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It is comprised of 30 rent stabilized apartments and six retail spaces that include two clothing stores, a jewelry store, a 99 cent store, a barbershop and a newsstand.
No, it would have been cinder-block apartment with bars over the windows, shopping at the 99 cent store, dodging cockroaches skittering across the sidewalk that heaves in perpetual earthquake.
Elation?' Healthier Joints Daily Joint Supplement was sold at the following California retail locations: Walmart, Big Lots, 99 Cent Store, CVS, Kroger Grocery Stores, Safeway Stores, Target, Sam's Club, Walgreens, Save Mart, C&S Grocery Stores, Cardinal Health, Coastal Pacific, Navy Exchange, Raleys, Ralphs, Unified Western, Stater Brothers, and Supervalu.
When looking for a restaurant to stop at, more often than not Billy would scan for anything that was near a Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or 99 Cent Store and cast his vote for that.
The ground floor retail units at 373, 375, and 379 Knickerbocker Avenue are occupied by a 99 cent store; electronics store; and Payless Shoe-source, respectively.
The retail units are leased to a Laundromat and 99 cent store, occupying 4,500 and 4,705 s/f.
Lou Klein brokered the deal between LB Financial (landlord) and American 99 Cent Store (tenant).
Fox believes the current credit climate could strain department stores, but value shops, like Jack's 99 Cent Store, would not only survive the impact, they would likely thrive in a more budget-driven consumer spending environment.