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1. Characteristic of or having to do with comedy.
2. Of or relating to comic strips.
3. Amusing; humorous: a comic situation involving the family's pets.
a. A comedian.
b. A person whose behavior elicits laughter.
a. comics Comic strips.
b. A comic book.
3. A source of humor in art or life.

[Middle English comice, from Latin cōmicus, from Greek kōmikos, from kōmos, revel.]
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I don't know why he laughed but that made me think of a picture I had on my phone that read; Don't buy cocaine-buy art, and I took all of that and flipped it then came up with my collection title: 'Art is hell of a drug which is my 9th art collection and it will consist of 60 artworks,' continued Frank.
The event is founded by Magdy El-Shafei, the owner of graphic novel "Metro and Twins Cartoon", Mohaammed and Haitham Raa'fat, founders of "Garage" and "Kawkab El-Rasameen" comic magazines, and Hennawy, co-founder of "Tok Tok" magazine and manager of the 9th Art Foundation.
Cinebook, 'the 9th art publisher', take their name from the classification of comic books as No.9 on the taxonomy of plastic arts in Europe.