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also A·ye·sha  (ä′ē-shä′) c. 611-678.
The favorite wife of Muhammad. She led an unsuccessful revolt against his successor, Ali.


(ˈɑːiːˌʃɑː) or


(Biography) ?613–678 ad, the favourite wife of Mohammed; daughter of Abu Bekr


(ˈɑ iˌʃɑ)

A.D. 613?–678, favorite wife of Muhammad.
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The inferno destroyed the four-room A'isha hostel and valuables but no student was hurt.
Today's ceremony was attended by supervisor of Sheikh Ali Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah Waqf, Sheikha Mariam Al-Sabah, and Sheikha A'isha Mubarak Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, and a representative from the Kuwaiti embassy in Indonesia Faisal Al-Jairan.
As a single mother, she is accused of loose morals and, implicitly, of adultery; such an admonition against popular slander, backbiting, and potentially false testimony is recurrent in the Qur'an and heralds the defense of slandered chaste women, as, for example, in the case of A'isha (pbuh), the wife of Muhammad (pbuh), when she was subjected to slander after having been left behind in the desert.
A'isha, radhiallahu 'anha, reported: "He (the Prophet), ordered us to build the masjids in residential areas; to build them well and purify them.
With the launch of MTN Token, we are the first private provider of secure online identity and positioned as a warrant of digital ID and authentication in Nigeria," said A'isha Umar Mumuni, General Manager, Products & Innovation at MTN Nigeria.
Empirical treatment for pediatric urinary tract infection and resistance patterns of uropathogens, in Queen Alia Hospital and Prince A'isha Military Center, Jordan.
Badria Suleiman from the NCP and A'isha Mohamed Ahmed from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) led by Mohamed Osman al-Merghani will hold the post for the first time in Sudan's history.
A'isha (RA) said, "The believer is brother to the believer.
Shumasa who said: A'isha (raa) said: I heard from the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him).
At twilight that evening, after our tour, we drive to the house of Muhammad's sister, A'isha, who bursts into tears of happiness when French and Ayoub appear.
Request of best offers and proposals in public auctions to sell four land lots suitable to implement animal production projects on them including (a) 5,000 M2 land at A'isha Abdel Rahaman Village in El Farafra, (b) other 5,000 M2 land at the same Village, (c) 4,000 M2 land at Ezab Al Kasr Village in El Dakhla and (d) 1,800 M2 land in El Kharga.
Emperical treatment for pediatric urinary tract infection and resistance pattern of uropathogens, in Queen Alia hospital and Prince A'Isha military center-Jordan.