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 (ä′və-gä′drō, ä′vō-), Amedeo 1776-1856.
Italian chemist and physicist who advanced the hypothesis that has come to be called Avogadro's law (1811). From this hypothesis other physicists were able to calculate Avogadro's number.


(ˌævəˈɡɑːdrəʊ; Italian avoˈɡaːdro)
(Biography) Amedeo (ameˈdɛːo), Conte di Quaregna. 1776–1856, Italian physicist, noted for his work on gases


(ˌɑ vəˈgɑ droʊ)

Count Amadeo, 1776–1856, Italian physicist and chemist.
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Noun1.Avogadro - Italian physicist noted for his work on gases; proposed what has come to be called Avogadro's law (1776-1856)
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