A Visit from St. Nicholas

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The original name for a poem by Clement Clarke Moore, popularly called titled The Night Before Christmans. It is a popular poem with the theme of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) coming to bring gifts to children on Christmans eve. See Night Before Christmas in the vocabulary.

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You remember the rest of this poem or a good part of"A Visit from Saint Nicholas." That's the official title of this poem, although it's perhaps better known by its first line.
If he was as engaging a teacher as he was in "A Visit from Saint Nicholas," his students must have been sitting on the edge of their seats listening to this right jolly old elf.
They probably first heard their father's recitation of "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" on subsequent Christmas Eves.
Only when "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" appeared in a collection of the author's work simply titled Poems was Moore's authorship first acknowledged in print.