A bottle of red wine

A bottle of red wine   
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It was a dinner for a King when he brought in a huge dish of it, succulent with tomatoes, and we ate it together with the good household bread and a bottle of red wine. I grew more intimate with Blanche Stroeve, and I think, because I was English and she knew few English people, she was glad to see me.
But, chilling a bottle of red wine for too long can mask its flavours and aromas.
You should chill a bottle of red wine after you open it to make it stay fresher longer, Foss said.
CAN you spare a bottle of red wine to help a charity night?
There was a time when waiters used to get upset when asked to cool a bottle of red wine. They would insist that red wine was meant to be served at room temperature.
He gave her three bags containing a bottle of red wine, a bottle of 70cl Tesco Vodka, eight cans of Carlsberg Export, four bottles of Miller Draft lager and 20 bottles of Tesco French lager.
REBECCA, 24WEDNESDAY: A bottle of red wine at home with my boyfriend Nick.