A clerical error

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an error made in copying or writing.

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Terry Tyson, head of Galway Vintners, which represents publicans in the city, revealed: "There was a clerical error between the solicitors and ourselves.
He said it was part of a special exercise and then he said it was a clerical error.
Michael McCaul, R-Austin, says his failure to report millions in stock transactions on financial disclosure reports from 2008 and 2009 resulted from a clerical error made by his accountant.
A Kansas appellate court ruled that the county's mistake in classifying real property based upon an erroneous guess as to the nature of building materials was a clerical error that could require repayment of overpaid taxes.
A clerical error made it appear that a Chief Constable was trying to get a 24-hours drinks licence for his force's main police club even though he has spoken out against all-day drinking for pubs.
The Racing Post stands accused of a clerical error by Canon Stephen Gregory, whose picture we used in relation to Irish punters REGARDING the picture on page 11 of the Racing Poston Thursday: sermon on the mounts my foot
Scores of motorists received wrong speeding tickets because of a clerical error.
38 - which was issued by the LAPD - on a clerical error and said Miller had submitted another application.
The insurer's failure, which resulted from a clerical error, affected 3,600 policyholders, the officials said.
I have to redo this MDS as it was rejected for a clerical error when I sent it to the state.
APS admits to the inconsistency, blaming it on a clerical error stemming from security requirements that regulated and then changed which power levels could be published.
Management of the Partnership has determined that the Partnership purchased natural gas from a supplier on newly acquired gas processing assets in south Louisiana that was not accrued in the first quarter of 2006 due to a clerical error.