A month ago

A month ago   
References in classic literature ?
And he who has shown the greatest longing for him has been the great Emperor of China, who wrote me a letter in Chinese a month ago and sent it by a special courier.
Smith's intelligence; you had no doubt of its authenticity a month ago.
About a month ago I received this letter; and about a fortnight ago I answered it, for I thought it a case of some delicacy, and requiring early attention.
One Monday morning about a month ago, she had a kind of faint spell; it wasn't bad, but the doctor is afraid it was a shock, and if so, it's the beginning of the end.
Hiram Sloane told me the other day that a big envelope addressed to the Rollings Reliable Baking Powder Company of Montreal had been dropped into the post office box a month ago, and she suspicioned that somebody was trying for the prize they'd offered for the best story that introduced the name of their baking powder.
A month ago he would have scoffed at the idea of there being anything worth considering outside the courts and alleys of the money-changers' market.
The man whom a month ago," he remarked curiously, "you hated
If they keep that up every day," said the strong young footman John, "there'd be small wonder that he weighs twice as much to-day as he did a month ago.
I detected you in close conversation with Hunsden at my house a month ago, and I know that you were at Hunsden's rooms last night.
I said nothing to you after that talk we had a month ago - but I felt sure.
Oh, ma'am,' replied the young woman, 'he ran away, near a month ago, from his parents, who are hard-working and respectable people; and went and joined a set of thieves and bad characters; and almost broke his mother's heart.
It's certainly not how the Angels wanted it, but considering their deficit was seven games a month ago, they aren't devastated by the series result.