A power

a written authority from one person empowering another to transact business for him.

See also: Attorney

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Of this nature are the maxims in geometry, that "the whole is greater than its part; things equal to the same are equal to one another; two straight lines cannot enclose a space; and all right angles are equal to each other." Of the same nature are these other maxims in ethics and politics, that there cannot be an effect without a cause; that the means ought to be proportioned to the end; that every power ought to be commensurate with its object; that there ought to be no limitation of a power destined to effect a purpose which is itself incapable of limitation.
Here then is a power to change the title; to insert new articles; to alter old ones.
The word "appoint" is synonymous with designate, so a surviving spouse with a power of appointment over trust property can transfer ownership of the stock (that is, designate a new owner) to anyone, including a subsequent spouse or children from a prior marriage.
As the name suggests, under the terms of a power of appointment trust, a surviving spouse must have the power to appoint trust property, giving the surviving spouse the ability to control the disposition of trust property, including S corporation stock.
Jack's at the Waterfront Plaza Hotel (Jack London Sq., 10 Washington St.; 510-444-7171) is a great choice for a power breakfast since you never know who you'll run into--including Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris.
Supplier A offered to visit West Lafayette to perform a power consumption comparison with the current presses.
When a gift was made to the trust that was subject to a power of withdrawal, the beneficiaries had 30 days to exercise their withdrawal rights.