A son

a worthless, wicked, or thoroughly depraved person.
- 1 Sam. ii. 12.

See also: Belial

References in classic literature ?
And of Aeson and Polymede, according to Hesiod, Iason was born: `Aeson, who begot a son Iason, shepherd of the people, whom Chiron brought up in woody Pelion.
81: Macareus was a son of Crinacus the son of Zeus as Hesiod says.
And of Arsinoe likewise: `And Arsinoe was joined with the son of Zeus and Leto and bare a son Asclepius, blameless and strong.
Stottlemyre, a son of the former New York Yankees pitching star and current pitching coach, was Aldrete's pitching coach at Yakima last season.
Should the swing vote premium assigned to each block be attributed to all 30% transferred, or should only that portion of the block needed by a son to gain control (i.
He has asthma but "does not allow it to slow him down," says his father, Greg Crenshaw, who adds: "As a son, student, athlete, son and brother, Cal is a Good Seed.