angiotensin II

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Noun1.angiotensin II - a potent vasopressor agent formed from angiotensin I
angiotensin, angiotonin, Hypertensin - any of several vasoconstrictor substances (trade name Hypertensin) that cause narrowing of blood vessels
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However, Atypical Porcine Pestivirus (APPV), discovered in the US in 2015, has now been recognised as a likely cause of CT Type A-II.
Since its discovery, the virus has been identified in pigs affected by CT Type A-II in a number of countries including the US, Canada, Brazil, China and throughout Europe, including the UK.
[summation over (i)] xws1ws[2.sub.j] [less than or equal to] yws[2.sub.j]capws[2.sub.j] [for all]j (5(a-ii))
[summation over (j)] xws1ws[2.sub.ij] [less than or equal to] capws[2.sub.j] [for all]j (6(a-ii))
In general, A-II (55.5%), B-I (3.6%), B-Ia (9.5%), B-II (8.3%), and C-II (22.5%) were the five major [beta]-amylase phenotypes in cultivated barley.
Critical to these evaluations would be the demonstration of apolipoprotein A-II induction, confirming the functional responsiveness of human cell cultures.
To assess apolipoprotein A-II, the UCLA group created transgenic mice that contain about 10 copies of the gene specifying this molecule and consequently produce excess apolipoprotein A-II.
Tissue sections were incubated with either a monoclonal (1:2000; Biodesign International) or a polyclonal (1:2000; Rockland Immunochemicals) anti-APO A-II antibody overnight at 4[degrees]C.