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A list

or A-list  (ā′lĭst′)
n. Informal
A list or group of the most admired or desirable people, as for a job or social gathering: a private party for Hollywood's A list.

A′-list′ adj.
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Noun1.A-list - a list of names of specially favored peopleA-list - a list of names of specially favored people; "the boss gave me his A-list of people we should try to recruit"
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
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SIMON Cowell, Chris Evans and Helena Bonham Carter are among the many A-list stars to sign birthday cards for Rock Choir's special online auction in support of a children's charity.
The series will feature comedy sketches, musical numbers, mini game shows and appearances by A-list stars, NBC said.
Sam has set up a series of meetings including one with an agency that represents a host of A-list stars.
Now, since winning Britain's Got Talent in 2012, the Northants duo have performed in front of the Queen, hobnobbed with A-list stars and flown to the US on Simon Cowell's private jet.
Driven by millionaires and A-list stars, the cars, which will include Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini, will make their way through to The Mound for the start at 9am of the marathon drive to Ibiza.
The makers of the comedy show "Mad in India - 100% Desi Show" are all going to make it big by inviting A-list stars of Bollywood.
The 31-year-old actress has teamed up with celebrity stylist pal Estee Stanley to create 'Au Fudge'-a kid friendly place, where she hopes that A-list stars will bring their kids for the diner's signature sweet treats, Contactmusic Magazine reported.
The "British Villains" marketing campaign, featuring A-list stars Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong, aims to build on the dark image actors from the UK have in Hollywood.
3 THERE have been many parodies and comedy skits of Downton from both A-list stars like P Diddy and American presenters like Jimmy Fallon to normal fans of the show.
DO YOU wonder where the A-list stars escape for their summer downtime?
Due to the rain and freezing temperatures, many A-list stars, including Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, chose to snub waiting reporters to get inside the awards venue as quickly as possible.
Vip room, the international nightclub brand famous for being frequented by A-list stars, is to open its first Middle East venue at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai.