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A list

or A-list  (ā′lĭst′)
n. Informal
A list or group of the most admired or desirable people, as for a job or social gathering: a private party for Hollywood's A list.

A′-list′ adj.
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Noun1.A-list - a list of names of specially favored peopleA-list - a list of names of specially favored people; "the boss gave me his A-list of people we should try to recruit"
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
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Farah's team will be headed up by captain and pop icon Robbie Williams, with more A-list stars and football legends to be revealed.
After the 90th Academy Awards last Sunday (Monday morning in Manila), the A-list stars ditched their designer formals meant to dazzle onstage and slipped into more comfortable but no less stylish getups for the many Oscar after parties.
A source said: "The idea is that he will travel around the world meeting all sorts of A-list stars, spend quality time with them and show a different side while finding out some secrets.
You take control of Serene and each junction is followed by a 20-minute TV episode so jam-packed full of A-list stars you will wonder when you turned the Xbox off and started on a new hardhitting Netflix or Amazon Prime crime drama.
as this year's nominees and A-list stars show off their glamorous attire and stop for interviews with renowned TV presenter Giuliana Rancic.
SIMON Cowell, Chris Evans and Helena Bonham Carter are among the many A-list stars to sign birthday cards for Rock Choir's special online auction in support of a children's charity.
The series will feature comedy sketches, musical numbers, mini game shows and appearances by A-list stars, NBC said.
Sam has set up a series of meetings including one with an agency that represents a host of A-list stars.
The makers of the comedy show "Mad in India - 100% Desi Show" are all going to make it big by inviting A-list stars of Bollywood.
The 31-year-old actress has teamed up with celebrity stylist pal Estee Stanley to create 'Au Fudge'-a kid friendly place, where she hopes that A-list stars will bring their kids for the diner's signature sweet treats, Contactmusic Magazine reported.
The "British Villains" marketing campaign, featuring A-list stars Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong, aims to build on the dark image actors from the UK have in Hollywood.
A-list stars Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong feature in Jaguar's new US marketing campaign