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The nmc will appoint a strategic partner who will undertake business and technology analysis in the context of the business and technical strategies and go on to design, Build, A-test and deliver applications into the nmc operations environment.
Based on the foreseen timeline, Fajr, Sharif Sat, Tolou, Zafar, and A-Test will be sent to the space by the end of the current year," Fazeli told reporters in Tehran.
Early in the last Persian year, the director of the country's space agency, Hamid Fazeli, said the agency planned to orbit six different satellites during the year--Fajr, Sharif Sat, Tolou, Zafar, A-Test and Mesbah.
The energy efficiency ratio at the A-test rating point, EER(95), can be then calculated by Eq.
The engineering model of A-Test satellite has been unveiled and its launch prototype is also ready and we hope that it will be sent into the orbit soon," he added, addressing the 12th conference of Iran's aerospace association in Tehran on Tuesday.
375 in) Coil Coil Airflow Direction Refrigerant Number Configuration 1 A Horizontal R22 2 Semi A Horizontal R22 3 A Upflow R22 4 Inclined Upflow/Horizontal R22 Slab * 5 Inclined Horizontal R22 Slab * 6 A Horizontal R22 7 A Upflow R22 8 Inclined Horizontal R410A Slab * * indoor blower included Table 2: Mixed Evaporator Capacity Linear Fit Coefficients and Fan Powers at A-Test Conditions Coil Evaporator Fan Fit Standard Slope W Slope Airflow Power Residual [degrees] Standard [m.
The first blood sample, the so-called A-test, showed that a Finnish skier had been using a banned substance.
Hundreds of veterans and their families will demand that Cabinet Ministers make good their promises in Opposition to compensate A-test victims.
The refrigeration cycles were obtained from experimental data of the present work with the unit operating at the AHRI 210/240 standard A-test cooling condition (ANSI/AHRI, 2010) and were plotted with respect to R410A pressure-enthalpy diagram, shown as solid line in Figure 1(a).
Hodge faces a race to be fit for the clash with Wales at Murrayfield a week on Saturday after pulling a thigh muscle during the warm-up for the A-Test with France in Agen.
TODAY we name and shame the Labour MPs - including Tony Blair - who called for compensation for A-test victims while they were in Opposition but failed to act when they gained power.