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Noun1.Agrobacterium tumefaciens - the bacteria that produce crown gall disease in plantsAgrobacterium tumefaciens - the bacteria that produce crown gall disease in plants
bacteria species - a species of bacteria
Agrobacterium, genus Agrobacterium - small motile bacterial rods that can reduce nitrates and cause galls on plant stems
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There have been several efforts to conduct genetic transformation via A. tumefaciens (Franklin, Trieu, Cassidy, Dixon, & Nelson, 1993; Zhang, Coyne, & Mitra, 1997), with the efficiency of 2.8- to 28.6 % (Espinosa-Huerta, Quintero-Jimenez, Cabrera-Becerra, & MoraAviles, 2013; Collado et al., 2015).
The synthetic plasmid containing the complete TaDof1 cassette was subsequently transformed in A. tumefaciens for wheat transformation.
Syringe infiltration, where a needle-less syringe is placed at the surface of a leaf and used to push a suspension of A. tumefaciens into the leaf interior, provides a high level of control over which tissues are transformed.
Great efforts have been made to adapt gene transfer into cereals via A. tumefaciens as they are resistant to such maneuvers (FRAME et al., 2002; 2011).
In planta, infection by A. tumefaciens occurs through wounds in the roots or crown and at graft unions.
La bacteria A. tumefaciens conteniendo el plasmido pCIP95 fue sembrada en el medio semisolido Luria-Bertani (LB) (1% de bacto-triptona, 0.5% de extracto de levadura, 1% NaCl, pH 7.5 y 2.5 g/L de agar) con 100 mg/L de kanamicina, a 28 [grados]C por 48 horas.
Agrobacterium strains (A. tumefaciens strain LBA4404 harbouring plasmid pW1B1 carrying PR4 gene wwin1, nptll gene; A.
Infeccion directa con A. tumefaciens en cortes transversales de embriones maduros
Plasmid construction and A. tumefaciens strain: The CDS of LIF was cloned into the plant transformation vector pBI121 (Hatanaka et al., 1999) at its XbaI/SmaI site.
During the first decade of the 20th century, the plant disease crown gall was found to be caused by the soil bacteria later called A. tumefaciens. Soon researchers realized that the disease was actually a cancer of the plant that the bacteria somehow induced.
Peterson presents a history of work with a plant-tumor of bacterial origin, to" "A. tumefaciens" applications in genetic engineering, to DNA sequencing, to biological control of "Crown Gall", Agrobacterium tumefaciens: From Plant Pathology to Biotechnology is a seminal work that should be considered an invaluable, core addition to governmental, corporate, and academic research and reference collections in this specialized field of biological and biotechnological research.