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n. pl. cram·boes or cram·bos
1. A word game in which a player or team must find and express a rhyme for a word or line presented by the opposing player or team.
2. Doggerel.

[Obsolete crambe, cabbage, from Latin crambē (repetīta), (warmed-over) cabbage, said of pedestrian writing, from Greek krambē.]


(ˈkræmbəʊ) or


(Games, other than specified) a word game in which one team says a rhyme or rhyming line for a word or line given by the other team
[C17: from earlier crambe, probably from Latin crambē repetīta cabbage repeated, hence an old story, a rhyming game, from Greek krambē]


(ˈkræm boʊ)

n., pl. -boes.
a game in which one person or side must find a rhyme to a word or a line of verse given by another.
[1600–10; crambe < Latin crambē cabbage]
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