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n. often ABCs
1. The alphabet: learned her ABCs when she was three years old.
2. The rudiments of reading and writing.
3. The rudiments of a subject: taught the ABCs of geometry.


or ABCs


n. (used with a pl. v.)
1. the alphabet.
2. the basic skills of spelling, reading, and writing.
3. the basic facts, principles, or skills of any subject.
Also, ABC (for defs. 1,3).
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Noun1.ABCs - the elementary stages of any subject (usually plural)ABCs - the elementary stages of any subject (usually plural); "he mastered only the rudiments of geometry"
basic principle, fundamental principle, fundamentals, basics, bedrock - principles from which other truths can be derived; "first you must learn the fundamentals"; "let's get down to basics"
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
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Now, madam, these triangles are equal; please note that the angle ABC.
If ever Miss Rachel marries, Chailey, pray that she may marry a man who doesn't know his ABC.
Development of ABCS is now driven by a top-down approach that will have to take into account joint requirements and communications architecture.
Angela Shapiro, president, ABC Daytime, said, "The initiative is designed to heighten this new approach to traditional storytelling and to provide a unique way of accessing the story.
Starting today, December 4, for the first time in ABC daytime history, ABC.
Our American Music Awards coverage and online voting is a perfect example of how ABC.
com will transform the online experience with a design that fully integrates ABC Network programming with innovative technology and compelling online activities.
hotel accommodations; passes to the fifth annual "Colgate Total-ABC Super Soap Weekend" at the Disney-MGM Studios; and a chance to star in a scene with an ABC soap star.
Enhanced TV programming was available for ABC and ESPN primetime NFL telecasts throughout the 1999 season, as well as for ABC's Super Bowl XXXIV telecast January 30, 2000.
com and ABC Television produce an Enhanced TV version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which enables viewers to answer the same questions as the contestants on the television program in real time with the click of a mouse on their computer.
For the first time ever, the Nurse's Ball T-shirts will be available exclusively on ABC.