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n.1.A abyss.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The literary device of a play within a play, or in this case a play within a novel, known as mise en abime, performs an important function, since the play within the novel obliquely mirrors the events within the main narrative, providing an unobtrusive commentary on these, notwithstanding the fact that Ernestinho is at the same time relentlessly ridiculed throughout.
Les ekphraseis musicales renforcent d'une part la voix narrative servant d'amplificateur aux elements caracteriels des personnages de l'oeuvre, et d'autre part elles correspondent a la mise en abime de l'histoire et de la symbolique de l'ceuvre qui n'a plus seulement un statut narratif.
The Gormally-Mannion introduction highlights Sulivan's 1962 trip to India, discussed in La plus petit abime. The visit deepened his double vocation as priest and writer, teaching him that "the Holy Spirit existed ...
Soleil abime [2000], texte disponible au CEAD et a la librairie virtuelle Auteurs dramatiques en ligne.
Borges's text caves in on itself, creating an intertextual mise en abime. This story offers an apocalyptic version of Berman's assertion that "translation seeks to play with languages and their literatures, to make them 'fall into' one another at all levels" (15).
L'intervento di Simone Marchesi prende il via dalla lettura di alcuni passi dai "canti di Stazio" in rapporto a Purgatorio 22 con l'esplicita intenzione di "trarre da questa analisi della pratica ermeneutica dantesca messa en abime nella Commedia, qualche indicazione sulla teoria ermeneutica che viene proposta nel poema" (58).
The ultimate abime, Boxer claimed, is NATC itself: it is a product of a culture industry attempting to establish the canon of theory, which necessarily includes essays by the likes of Barbara Herrnstein Smith and Ngugi wa Thiongo rejecting the utility or validity of canons, and arguments like that of Horkheimer and Adorno attacking the culture industry for creating objects "stamped with sameness" to create and control consumer needs.
On trouve notre local qui est tres abime, dans un bon emplacement.
[beaucoup moins que]Si on remplace, par exemple, une plaquette de freins par une piece contrefaite ou de mauvaise qualite, le disque risque d'etre abime, ainsi que d'autres pieces de la voiture.
In Boutros' work, there is actually a mise en abime in which persistence and the relationship between mind and body have been central to the process of creating the artwork.