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* Cardinals outfielder Jose Martinez, on the 10-day injured list (right shoulder AC joint sprain) was scheduled to begin his rehab assignment Monday with Double-A Springfield.
Medical conditions that are frequently treated include: partial rotator cuff tears, arthritis of the shoulder joint, labral tears or degeneration, rotator cuff tendonitis & tendonosis, AC Joint Injury, biceps, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging disc, Facet Arthropathy, chronic back pain, knee arthritis, meniscus tears, tendon and ligament tears, overuse injuries and much more.
"He's got a bit of an AC joint, we don't feel it's too serious," said Jones when asked about the injury./ "I thought he was absolutely outstanding, he's worked really hard in the off-season to make himself a bit bigger and a bit more dynamic - we'll see a lot more of him."
The initial diagnosis by PT Arcee Cua is an AC joint sprain.
Director of rugby Todd Blackadder said: "Joe took a good whack on the AC joint. It's just very sore, that's all."
"Joe took a whack on the AC joint. It's very sore," said director of rugby Todd Blackadder.
The problem is a blow to the AC joint - he landed on the point of his shoulder.
"It is his AC joint. He was strapped up at half-time, he was a bit sore but should be OK," said the Australian.
The scrum-half starred in Saturday's big Champions Cup win over Leicester but has failed to train since with an AC joint injury.
"I was hoping to temporarily fix myself for Knockhill, but we were unable to find a replacement for Stuart and with the surgery I'm going to need, it's going to take me out for at least three rounds - the AC joint is ripped off and the ligament is totally torn.
Acromioclavicular (AC) joint cysts are an uncommon sequela of full-thickness rotator cuff tears and degenerative AC joint changes.
"He's been out for a couple of weeks with an AC joint shoulder injury, so hopefully he'll be available too.