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1. academic.
2. academy.
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ACAD Corp is an internationally renowned firm offering training and consulting service for Human resource management.
The results correct previous work by ACAD Director Professor Alan Cooper conducted in the 1990s, which had shown the closest living relatives of the kiwi were the Australian emu and cassowary.
ACAD over the last 15 years, especially during the toughest times for
Supriyadi also said that the ACAD under its theme, "ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations", also agreed during the meeting to continue working together to ensure free movements of their people and goods from each country making it "One Community of Nations" by 2015 like the European Union.
We designed FineSim in response to the needs of our key customers," said Andy Huang, President and CEO of ACAD, "FineSim is a complete suite of tools that enables our customers to easily verify the functions and timing of advanced LSI designs.
He also expressed his gratitude to the ASEAN Ladies Circle led by Madame Yoko Ramos Vingno for their significant contribution to all the programs, activities and projects of ACAD in spreading the culture and values of ASEAN across the UAE, such as the ASEAN 50th Jubilee Celebration held in Mushrif Mall, and the ASEAN Ladies Bazaar held at the Residence of the Indonesian Ambassador to the UAE.
So, if you are looking for a specialized HR certification course that is internationally recognized and want to get trained to complete the certification, you can contact ACAD Corp.
The ACAD scientists also found that cementum, the coating of the root, was a richer source of DNA.