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 (ə-sē′tə-mĭn′ə-fən, ăs′ə-)
A crystalline compound, C8H9NO2, used in medicine to relieve pain and reduce fever. Also called paracetamol.


(Pharmacology) a US name for paracetamol


(əˌsi təˈmɪn ə fən, ˌæs ɪ tə-)

a crystalline substance, C8H9NO2, used as a headache and pain reliever and to reduce fever.
[1955–60; acet- + amino- + phen (ol)]
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Noun1.acetaminophen - an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammationacetaminophen - an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation; also used as an antipyretic; (Datril, Tylenol, Panadol, Phenaphen, Tempra, and Anacin III are trademarks of brands of acetaminophen tablets)
analgesic, anodyne, pain pill, painkiller - a medicine used to relieve pain


n acetaminofén m, acetaminofeno, paracetamol m (INN)
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