wet lease

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dry lease, wet lease - To rent an aircraft without a crew is a dry lease; a wet lease is to hire an aircraft with a crew.
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"We have reached an agreement in principle with Xtra Airways of Boise, Idaho, for the provision of multiple 737-400 aircraft (and crews) on an ACMI lease program,'' the Air Florida website said, under the title of "press information.''
"But it is likely the B747-200F will focus on the charter side and offer back-up for the B747-400Fs when they arrive, which we envisage being put out on ACMI lease."
The acquisition by Maximus Air of three Airbus A300-600RP2F aircraft at the start of the year, which have subsequently been converted into freighters by EADS, was designed to boost the company's dual business model of cargo charter and ACMI lease solutions.
Skyways Aviation, working on behalf of Sky Wings Airlines of Greece, placed an McDonnell Douglas MD-82 on ACMI lease with Air Moldova.