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Four Hundred

also 400
The wealthiest and most exclusive social set of a community, especially that of New York City during the Gilded Age.
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Adj.1.400 - being one hundred more than three hundred
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The beads were made by people of the Hopewell culture, which flourished in the US Midwest from 100 BC to AD 400 " spreading from its epicentre in Ohio to as far as Mississippi.
Textiles and textile production in Europe from prehistory to AD 400.
The fragments bear the text of a Latin work in a clear calligraphic script, perhaps dating as far back as AD 400," said Dr Salway.
He said: "The largest site contains four or more stone-built round houses that were occupied from approximately 350 BC to AD 400.
His language shows he was educated well before the collapse of Roman Britain in the period AD 400 to AD 410, and thus more likely to have been born around AD 350.
Christians, with an enthusiasm for bibliography, had, by AD 400, begun creating books in a similar form to those we read today.
It is a huge, if not Herculean, task to give a comprehensive account of the considerable influence which Philo of Alexandria, the Jewish contemporary of Jesus, has exerted on the early Christian literature up to around AD 400.