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A polypeptide hormone that is secreted by fat cells and regulates glucose and lipid metabolism, especially by increasing insulin sensitivity and muscle uptake of glucose and by decreasing glucose production in the liver.

[Latin adeps, adip-, fat + Latin nectere, to bind; see ned- in Indo-European roots + -in.]
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Genetic variants of the adiponectin precursor protein encoded by the gene ADIPOQ were by definition included in our GWIS analysis.
ADIPOQ and LEPR mRNA levels were not affected by CE treatments (10 and 100 [micro]g/ml, 2 h) (data not shown).
Association of C45G15G(T/G) and C276(G/T) polymorphisms in the ADIPOQ gene with polycystic ovary syndrome among Han Chinese women.
The following genes were examined: ADIPOQ (adiponectin), FABP4 (fatty acid binding protein 4), FSP27 (fatspecific protein of 27 kDa), LEP (leptin), and LPL (lipoprotein lipase).