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or Adm.


or ADM,

1. admiral.
2. admiralty.


1. administration.
2. administrative.
3. administrator.
4. admission.


abbr of admiralAdm
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The newest feature in its Farmer Services collection is unveiled by ADM this month, Location Pages on ADM.
Kenneth Zaslow, of BMO Capital Markets, told Feedinfo News Service: "We are downgrading ADM to Market Perform.
From: ADM Media Relations +1-217-424-5413 media@adm.
Scott Walker and John McGowan have been named managing director and commercial director respectively at ADM Cocoa International.
George has brought exceptional tax compliance and tax planning leadership to ADM.
For the baking, frying and confectionery industries, ADM Oils & Fats will be highlighting its high oleic frying oils, confectionery fats and margarines.
Also at ADM, Matthew Jansen has been named Pres of the Grain Group.
As a result, the annual production capacity of ADM will reach 150,000 units.
With the recent industry trend by the major Tier 1 telecom OEMs to outsource designs, a number of design service companies have leveraged the ADM 622 system to engage in the bidding process and showcase a compact access Multi-Service Provisioning Platform.
In a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction way, the story is full of twists and turns as the informant, an ADM insider, tries to exploit the situation by hatching a scheme of his own.
When all was said and done, Mick Andreas would be sentenced to three years in jail; ADM would agree to pay $100 million in fines--at the time, the largest criminal antitrust fines ever--for conspiring to fix the prices of lysine, a farm animal food additive, and citric acid; ADM's Japanese and Korean co-conspirators would plead guilty to criminal charges; and information from the ADM investigation would lead off another series of cases.
ADM reportedly had set aside as much as $45 million to cover civil litigation, he said.