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1. advance.
2. adverb.
3. adverbial.
4. against.
5. advertisement.
6. adviser.
7. advisory.
[< Latin adversus]
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Separately Managed Accounts: When you are preparing your ADV Annual Amendment, forget your current understanding as to what an "SMA" is.
In a just-released information update, the agency's Division of Investment Management clarified its view that if a firm filing a Form ADV does not have enough data to provide a complete response to a new or amended question in Item 5 or Section 5 of Schedule D after Oct.
Also, the company said that its financial ADV reduced 11% mainly because of lower volatility in equity and interest rate markets, as compared to the prior January, with European interest rate ADV down 3% year over year and equity indices reduced by 39% year over year, slightly offset by FX and CDS futures ADV, which was up 23% year over year.
Taking the iconic design and reinventing it for a new generation, the Urbanears Plattan ADV sports a classy design packed with the following new features:
Commodity ADV increased 1% year to year, with energy ADV up 2% driven by increases in Brent and Other Oil ADV, up 28% and 20%, respectively, from the prior year period.
ADV Manufacturing is committed to helping create the next chapter of Coventry's motoring history through world class automotive manufacturing projects and so the chance to merge past with present is a great fit for us.
ADV will build the plant next to its existing premises, with a view to delivering the first petrolengined versions in December.
The June volumes soared from the previous record of 6,415 ADV in May 2012 and was 32 per cent higher when compared to last month, said a top official.
This is a nine per cent increase over the previous record of 6,415 ADV in May 2012, 38 per cent higher than June last year and is a 32 per cent increase on last month.
The cardless conditional access solution enables ADV to combine standards-based and proven Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology for broadcast distribution with the interactivity of IP-based networks using a single security system.
Below 25% of ADV there is generally very little added value from sales trading and in fact negative impact on performance.
Trouble often starts when the adviser says one thing in its Form ADV but then deviates substantially from this disclosed practice by engaging in conduct that benefits the adviser or some preferred client.