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For the aforementioned results, it is observed that the slope coefficient of the interaction between AEQ and DHA is negative, but not significant.
Con el objetivo de mejorar las propiedades psicometricas del AEQ, Gibbs y Dunbar-Goddet (2007) desarrollaron una version revisada del cuestionario denominada AEQ (V3.
Al comparar el modelo de tres factores del CERCA con la version alemana del AEQ que tambien fue probada en poblacion clinica (Demmel y Hagen, 2004), encontramos que la solucion factorial del CERCA explica una mayor cantidad de varianza (24.
Forum was the stellar offering of the Madrid-based, ISO 9001-certified AEQ, which has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment, automation systems and production systems for radio, TV and multi-media for over 30 years.
The factorial structure of AEQ developed in Mexico (8) was assessed in the sample through a Structural Equation Model (SEM) (11) that made it possible to establish the factorial loads of the variables that constitute each ofthe eight expectancies or predefined factors.
69 more AEQ pages than otherwise similar students with unranked advisors, while students with lower ranked advisors produce 0.
The AEQ is a self-report questionnaire that yields scores on 7 factor analytically derived scales from an exhaustive list of expectations with regard to consuming alcohol among adults.
Por lo tanto, mientras que la version adolescente del AEQ provee de una herramienta util para evaluar las expectativas sobre el alcohol entre los estudiantes peruanos, una total apreciacion de los factores subyacentes para usar el alcohol entre ellos requiere prestar atencion especial a las expectativas que parecen ser mas especificas para ellos tales como el placer, la diversion, la perdida de las inhibiciones, el incremento de la autoconfianza y el incremento de la aceptacion del grupo.
Even on the question of adoption of children by homosexual couples, the AEQ (Assembly of Quebec Bishops), does not object.
His reference to a debate refers to a series of articles in the AEQ in which Mezirow was challenged and responded to criticisms of his theory.
The AEQ is a self-report measure based on the AEM to assess FAR and ER distinguishing between affective, cognitive and behavioral responses.