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1. air force
2. audio frequency


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Afghanistan


abbreviation for
1. Anglo-French
2. (Photography) automatic focus
3. (General Physics) audio frequency
4. (Military) (in Canada) Air Force


1. Air Force.
2. Anglo-French.
3. Asian female.


var. of ad- before f: affect.




or a.f.,

audio frequency.
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AFS currently provides payment card processing services to more than 50 banks and financial institutions across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and South Asia.
IDACOMM's dense fiber optic network is highly complementary with the AFS strategy of providing our customers with a reliable alternative to AT&T, Qwest and Embarq," said Dave Rusin, AFS President & CEO.
I am pleased to announce that customers on AFS maintenance, as of March 31, 2006, can receive the new General Ledger/Financial Statement module as part of their Annual Maintenance Agreement with AFS.
Merion is excited to have the opportunity to support the growth of AFS," said William Means, managing partner, Merion Investment Partners, L.
Worker health and safety is of paramount importance to our industry," added Al Lucchetti, AFS president and owner of a small metalcasting facility.
AFS has been able to support our rapid growth, enabling Texas Capital to focus on the credit needs of its customers with the assurance that we will have the systems capabilities to support them.
AFS also invited neighbors, past employees, and AFS members to tour the new facilities at 1695 N.
People's selected AFS to support demand for more complex Commercial Real Estate product offerings and to leverage its existing technology infrastructure, building upon its use of the AFS Commercial Loan Accounting System, Level III(TM).
The AFS Charles Edgar Hoyt Memorial Lecture, 10:15 a.
AFS Trinity released the first public details of the Extreme Hybrid(TM) drive train at a meeting of the Girvan Institute, a non-profit corporation that promotes the commercialization of cutting edge technology developed with or for government labs and agencies.
Keffer AFS Vice President President EBAA Iron Sales Inc.