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The Hindu god of fire and guardian of humanity.

[Sanskrit Agniḥ, from agniḥ, fire.]


(Hinduism) Hinduism the god of fire, one of the three chief deities of the Vedas
[Sanskrit: fire]


(ˈʌg ni, ˈæg-)

the Hindu god of fire.


In Ayurvedic medicine this is the digestive fire which converts the five bhutas into doshas.
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Noun1.agni - (Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional IndiaAgni - (Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional India; one of the three chief deities of the Vedas
Sanskrit, Sanskritic language - (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is now used only for religious purposes
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Agni, which means "fire" in Sanskrit, is the name given to a series of rockets the DRDO developed as part of its ambitious integrated guided missile development project launched in 1983.
The Agnis of the world, the student-edited or "juried reviews" no one reads, aren't interested in publishing my writing.
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We strictly oppose all these," said Agnis Newme, Secretary of Tousem Relief Committee.
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