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n. pl. ahi
Either of two types of tuna, bigeye tuna or yellowfin tuna, having edible flesh that is commonly grilled or served raw as sashimi.

[Hawaiian 'ahi.]
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(Animals) another name for yellowfin tuna
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"Ahi! Aoo!" said the deer, thinking of what it all meant to them.
The understanding that the consumer needs, requests and desires are determined in a sector such as tourism, the production of quality goods and services and satisfaction and the profit obtained from satisfaction are in harmony with the understanding of Ahi Order (Ugurlu, et al., 2015: 325).
Ahi Order had those characteristics (Ugurlu, et al., 2015: 325), such as protection of the rights of employees and consumers, environmental sensitivity, standardization centuries ago.
The contract has been signed in an effort to lower the electrical costs at 13 of AHIS' properties by up to 20 percent.
According to the contract, Scuderi will construct the necessary power generation and energy storage units to be installed at 13 of AHIS' casinos located in Mexico City and other resort locations, which currently house an average of 350 machines each and sports/race betting and bingo.
"AHIS participated in the12th international tennis tournament and one of our distinguished students Areej Fareh won second place.
"AHIS students took part in many conferences including the youth leadership programme, which is aimed to improve leadership and decision-making skills and give students a chance to connect these experiences with real life situations," Dr Al Zayani said.
AHIS principal Dawn Lee presented trophies and medals to participants at the event, sponsored by the Daleel Company.
The included AHIS physical education (PE) teacher Amani Al Sawy and Abdulrahman Kanoo International School PE teacher Mazen Ismaeel.
Taking into consideration the importance of oxygen desaturation events in the pathophysiology of OSA, we aimed to study the relationship between ODI and AHI and the subjective symptoms of OSAS.
Patients were divided into four groups according to AHI, a commonly used indicator for the diagnosis and grading of sleep apneas.