AIDS virus

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AIDS′ vi`rus

See HIV.
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Crewdson eventually published a 50,000-word article that accused Gallo of stealing the AIDS virus.
Joyce continued, "Our efforts in India reflect a strategic vision to complement our regulatory plans in the United States with global programs that help those infected with the AIDS virus and other infectious diseases.
Here's more proof of how difficult it will be to defeat the AIDS virus.
It is a terrifying proposition: inject yourself with a weakened AIDS virus in the hope it will become, not the deadly disease, but the vaccine for it.
He also chastises the powers-that-be for ignoring (and deep-sixing) drugs other than AZT and toasts the researchers and people infected with the AIDS virus who bucked the system and started their own community-based drug trial programs.
According to Crewdson, one of Gallo's associates proved the French had the AIDS virus, but instead of admitting this, Gallo hid the information.
The overall decline was attributed to greater access to medical care and to development of newer drug therapies for the AIDS virus and for the myriad opportunistic infections that can occur as fatal complications of AIDS, itself a potentially fatal disease.
After a graphic explanation of the mechanics of transmission of the AIDS virus, known as HIV, and of the statistical probability of infection, Fumento spends most of the book criticizing just about everyone you can think of for ignoring the facts.
Montagnier, who discovered the AIDS virus in 1983, today heads the "Aids and Retrovirus" Department at the Pasteur Institute, is Chairman of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, which he co-founded in 1993, and holds the position of Distinguished Professor at Queens College in New York.
Smooth muscle cells also make CD4, as well as another chemokine receptor that the AIDS virus can exploit, Schecter and her colleagues now report in the Aug.
A woman apparently acquired the AIDS virus from deep kisses with an infected man, federal health officials said Thursday.
is developing the Skinner HIV-VAC AIDS vaccine which is based on a unique approach to neutralizing the AIDS virus.

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