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ALDH2 is a key enzyme in the human body that facilitates the biological metabolism of NTG, which serves an important function in NTG efficacy.
A problem with the present analysis is that ALDH2 genotypes explained only 3 percent of the variance in reported alcohol intake, which weakens the conclusions of the researchers.
Associations of ALDH2 and ADH1B genotypes with response to alcohol in Asian Americans.
Similar to the results from metaanalyses showing that the ALDH2 and ADH IB genes may have an interactive effect on alcohol dependence (Luczak et al.
the cytosol) and is encoded by the ALDH1A1 gene, and ALDH2, which is found in the mitochondria and is encoded by the ALDH2 gene.
In the brain, where catalase is the primary ethanol-metabolizing enzyme, ALDH2 is expressed in very low levels.
Alda-1 activates the ALDH2 enzyme in a process that the researchers liken to a woodworking procedure in which Alda-1 attaches to the ALDH2 enzyme at a crucial spot and acts like a shim or wedge to prop it up.
ALDH2 is found in the small cell structures that are involved in the cell's energy production (i.
For acetaldehyde metabolism, ALDH1 (cytosolic) and ALDH2 (mitochondrial) appear to be the most important, with the mitochondrial form contributing most of the clearance.
Evaluation of a brief Web-based genetic feedback intervention for reducing alcohol-related health risks associated with ALDH2.
Diplotype tread regression analysis of the ADH gene cluster and the ALDH2 gene: Multiple significant associations for alcohol dependence.