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or aldm.,

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(65, 66) ALDH2 activity eliminates not only acetaldehyde but also other toxic aldehydes including 4-hydoxy-2 nonenal from lipid peroxidation or acrolein in tobacco smoke, thereby protecting tissues and cells from oxidative damage.
The enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2) plays a crucial role in human metabolism of alcohol, but people who easily become flushed even after only having one drink, may have the genetic mutation of this enzyme responsible for what is often referred to as the Asian flush or "Asian glow" response.
ALDH2 Glu504Lys Confers Susceptibility to Schizophrenia and Impacts Hippocampal-Prefrontal Functional Connectivity.
They found that ALDH2-deficient mice had four times the cell damage as control mice with normal ALDH2 production.
Meng et al., "Acetylation-dependent regulation of mitochondrial ALDH2 activation by SIRT3 mediates acute ethanol-induced eNOS activation," FEBS Letters, vol.
Therefore, individuals homozygous for the ALDH2 gene appear to be protected against binge drinking due to high concentrations of acetaldehyde and the subsequent hangover effects.
(NASDAQ: GILD) for the acquisition of ALDH2 inhibitor GS-6637, the company said.
As a result, there is a total of 46 tag SNPs from the 127 reported SNPs of the three key alcoholmetabolism genes (aDh1B, ALDH2, and CYP2E1) [34-36].
In the heart, aldehydes are cleared by aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2), which is the most abundant isoform in this tissue.