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or aldm.,

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Just as in our ALDH2 example, SNPs in these two genes (rs9923231 for VKORC1, and most commonly rs1799853 and rs1057910 in CYP2C9) impact drug kinetics and cause large variations in what constitutes a therapeutic dose for warfarin.
Acetaldehyde is metabolized to acetate by the enzymatic action of ALDH2 in mitochondria.
Hendershot et College students of Web/based ALDH2 al.
ALDH2 is a validated target with both genetic and pharmacological data supporting its role as a key player in alcohol avoidance.
ALDH2, ADH1B, and ADH1C genotypes in Asians: A literature review.
The ALDH2 genotype was determined based on amplified product length polymorphism analysis using three oligonucleotide primers, according to the method described by Aoshima et al.
Tissue distribution of aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 and effects of the ALDH2 gene disruption on the expression of enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism.
The alcohol clamp also has been used to study genetic determinants of alcohol metabolism, including polymorphisms of the ADH1B, ADH1C, and ALDH2 genes, which encode variants of the ADH enzyme.
Integrating biological and behavioral factors in alcohol use risk: The role of ALDH2 status and alcohol expectancies in a sample of Asian Americans.
Raptor" or the "Company") (OTC Bulletin Board: RPTP), today announced positive results in its Phase IIa study of oral 4-methylpyrazole ("4-MP") in subjects with ALDH2 deficiency, or ethanol intolerance, as the initial development stage of its Convivia(TM)
The presence of the ALDH2 allele varies among Asian groups in the United States.
The study results demonstrated that the active ingredient in Convivia(TM) significantly reduced heart palpitations (tachycardia), which are commonly experienced by ALDH2 deficient people who drink, at all dose levels tested.