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v. a·mend·ed, a·mend·ing, a·mends
1. To change for the better; improve: "The confinement appeared to have had very little effect in amending his conduct" (Horatio Alger).
2. To alter the wording of (a legal document, for example) so as to make more suitable or acceptable. See Synonyms at correct.
3. To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.
To better one's conduct; reform.

[Middle English amenden, from Old French amender, from Latin ēmendāre : ē-, ex-, ex- + mendum, fault.]

a·mend′a·ble adj.
a·mend′er n.
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Ka rodas Oda priekam: Beihovens un kurzemnieks Amenda: draudzibas rezonanse.
As she begins to rebuild her life in San Francisco, Irene tells her story to her friend, Luisa Amenda. Irene explains that in Nicaragua, "There was hunger, misery, thirst, my house was only rubble.
La deuxieme mesure amenda la Loi sur les assurances (142) pour exiger des assureurs qu'ils utilisent des formules et des documents disponibles dans les deux langues officielles.
ne per Borea gia mai di queste querce come tremo io tremar l'orride foglie: si temo ch'ogni amenda omai fia tarda.
Hilary Armstrong met two current International students on the Foundation Programme, Amenda Ho from Hong Kong and Enrique Alarcon Mendez from Mexico.
VICTORIA BECKHAM is putting her singing career onhold to designa range of shoes for exclusive label Gina.She'll probably amenda pair drawn by husband David,which were marked 'This Way Up'.
Earlier, Just Our Job, which would have finished closer than fourth behind Moscow Flyer in the Denny at Leopardstown had he not blundered badly at the last, should make amenda in the Kilcullen Novice Chase.