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a.1.(Chem.) Related to, or derived, ammonia; - used chiefly as a suffix; as, amic acid; phosphamic acid.
Amic acid
(Chem.) one of a class of nitrogenized acids somewhat resembling amides.
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AMIC is an affiliate company in Tasnee specialising in titanium-related industrial projects and has recently completed the establishment of the Middle East's first manufacturing of pure titanium metal for aircraft industry applications.
Two of these iconsa communication theorist and a practitionerare coming to receive the prestigious Asia Communication Award from AMIC on Sept.
These programmes involve hands-on work at the AMIC and CDPE across every stage of the precision engineering process, from design to production.
AMIC figures showed a better monthly growth rate in 2009, with June taking the lion's share of sales, up by 23 percent from the previous month with 19,536 cars sold.
This Web site will help patients and advocates learn more about imaging," said Tim Trysla, executive director of AMIC.
The government helps to fund radio trafficking awareness campaigns conducted by AMIC, and Guinea-Bissau's Ambassador to Senegal has delivered radio messages warning Muslim communities about trafficking.
La membresia de la AMIC crecio luego de largos anos de estancamiento debido a varios factores.
The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) will highlight the 2017 AMIC Asia Communication Award during its 25th Annual Conference by recognizing the outstanding achievements in various fields of communication research, education, institution building, and journalism.
The AMIC report said that the demand on locally-assembled cars declined by 39.
Entre los propositos esta "conservar la AMIC como el espacio de intercambio de ideas y experiencias; de discusion, analisis y actividades conjuntas, fundamentalmente del quehacer de la investigacion".
If AMIC approves the use of Java, suppliers wouldn't be tied only to software-monster Microsoft when they create in-vehicle electronic devices.