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a.1.(Chem.) Related to, or derived, ammonia; - used chiefly as a suffix; as, amic acid; phosphamic acid.
Amic acid
(Chem.) one of a class of nitrogenized acids somewhat resembling amides.
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AMIC estimated a drop in trucks sales by 8% with the sale of only 49,900 units compared to 54,000 units last year.
In this tripartite agreement, AMIC which is a centre that acts to improve the commercial success of aerospace research and development projects undertaken in Malaysia will support MARA in identifying the companies who has the capabilities to cater to the needs of the OEMs.
These programmes involve hands-on work at the AMIC and CDPE across every stage of the precision engineering process, from design to production.
AMIC figures showed a better monthly growth rate in 2009, with June taking the lion's share of sales, up by 23 percent from the previous month with 19,536 cars sold.
This Web site will help patients and advocates learn more about imaging," said Tim Trysla, executive director of AMIC.
In 1983, AMIC together with the Canadian Construction Association persuaded the Federal Treasury Board to permit mediated construction claims for the Department of Public Works.
These risks, however, have been mitigated to some extent by AMIC planning to expand its geographic presence, adhering to strict underwriting and risk management guidelines and continuously monitoring the performance of each line of business and strong risk mitigation practices.
Ceremonial head of AMIC Raafat Masrouga previously said the companies' data sent to them are significantly exaggerated, especially in the first half of the current year, and that some agents overstated the number of their sales in an attempt to improve their position in the market.
The sale of the filling-station network and petroleum tank farms in Ukraine to AMIC will help LUKOIL optimize its asset structure and distribution-network management system in Eastern Europe, to which we attach great importance seeking to enhance the efficiency of our business in terms of petroleum-product sales," Vadim Vorobyov, LUKOIL Vice-president, said.
Other partners include AMIC (Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre), MiGHT (Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High technology), UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia), CIRAD (a French research centre working with developing countries to tackle international agricultural and development issues) and BioTech Corp (Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation).
These negative rating factors are partially offset by the company's conservative investment portfolio of fixed-income securities that generate a steady stream of net investment income, as well as the benefits AMIC derives from its long-standing agency relationships in the Midwest.
AMIC estimated 37,700 unit trucks were sold during the first nine months in 2015, versus 40,000 units in 2014.