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Noun1.file system - a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)
classification system - a system for classifying things
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Since APFS draws from the successful features of Apple's HFS+ while incorporating features from other next-generation file systems such as ZFS, Datarecovery.
Some of the new features of APFS have been around for a while, so we've already developed resources that we could reliably use in a data recovery case," said Ben Carmitchel, President of Datarecovery.
We're completely confident that we could handle an APFS case with our current technology," Carmitchel added.
A series of poly(trifluoropropylmethyl)siloxane-Nock-polyurethane-urea (FSPUU) films with varying APFS amounts was prepared based on the three-step process by which a prepolymer produced from PTMO and TDI was chain extended first by APFS (number-average molecular weight Mn = 20,000) and then by DDDPM.
APFS dissolved in THF was then added, and the reaction was continued for an additional 1 h.
Adding the APFS designation has given me a credential to support my contention that I do financial planning.
Hers include annual dues (PFP division, $115; APFS, $150), added research services including the Commerce Clearing House Financial and Estate Planning, investment services such as Value Line and other PFP practice aids (about $2,000 annually) and continuing professional education.
Given what I know now about the APFS program, I would go through the initial accreditation again.
The benefits of the APFS designation are [less than; about equal to; greater than] the costs.
The private labeled transition portal will provide APFS advisors with information and a listing platform through which they can obtain information on a confidential basis and buy or sell entire or partial practices within the APFS network.
Exclusive "members only" conference calls for APFS advisors on succession planning issues
To earn the APFS accreditation, CPAs must meet six requirements, including passing the exam, demonstrating significant experience in PFP in each of the three years preceding the exam and providing references from clients and other professionals.