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1. appoint.
2. appointed.
3. appointment.
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The parameters measured included anterior pelvic plane tilt (APPt: the angle between the plane created by the bilateral anterior superior iliac spines to the pubic symphysis and the vertical plane), spinopelvic tilt (SPT: the angle between a line drawn from the hip centers to the midpoint of the sacral plate and the vertical), pelvic incidence (PI: the angle between a line drawn from the hip centers axis to midpoint of the sacral plate, and the perpendicular to the sacral plate), and sacral slope (SS: the angle between the sacral plate and the horizontal).
According to Asim Medjedovic from this Association, in order for better and more active promotion of Macedonia on international tourism fairs, Macedonia's corner should include the auto-camps with design and materials, and present the Hotel Association of Macedonia (HOTAM) and the Association (APPT) in at least one third of the rented corner.
APPT has been reported for HPLC determination of copper (II), cobalt (II) and iron (II) in pharmaceutical preparation [30], separation of plantinum (II), selenium (IV), ruthenium (IV) and determination of platinum (II) in serum and urine of cancer patients and also from pharmaceutical preparation, [31], and separation and determination of vanadium (V), palladium (II), tin (II) and iron (III) [32].
131 Chrystie St., 212,226.4552 Wed thru Sun 12-6pm and by appt.
"The 2012 APPT records show that Bulgaria is the fifth Macedonia's partner in exchange of tourists, following Greece, Turkey, Serbia and the Netherlands.
Tenders are invited for Construction of aspphalting internal road dayaghan appt. To priyanka appt and padmashree banglo to sakshi sankul appt in radhakrushna nagar area ward no 04
Tenders are invited for Providing and installation of open air gym equipment in mayur dhwaj society, brevile hill society, geeta appt., taj appt., ekta appt., kanchan appt., radhey shyam park, mausam vihar, sukh vihar park and chandan nagar park in krishna nagar assembly co
United Nations, Appt 1-23-09 the rank and status of
Massage & facials by appt. Salon software & website included.
Tenders are invited for A) restoration of pits on road cut by reliance jio in sector-12,dwarka (b) restoration of pits on road for laying underground telecom cables from k.m appt to shubham appt.
REPUBLIC OF, Port-of-Spain Appt 03-11-10 Oath 04-27-10