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1. arithmetic.
2. arithmetical.
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You don't want to spend three hours setting up" Arith Sudhakaran, DoP
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10.00 (2.59) 7.00 (2.68) End Grade 2: Outcomes WRAT Arith. 99.61 (8.26) 71.04 (8.41) Word Problems 95.05 (14.82) 69.35 (8.38) First-grade slope CBM Comp.
Neil Taylor put New Marske in front and after Michael Arith levelled, Taylor hit a late winner.
Definition of Railroad Operating Parameters, 1998 and Percent Increase of "Geometric Average Railroad" over "Arithmetic Average Railroad" Arith. Avg.
-- x = [v.sub.1] p [v.sub.2] is mapped to the sequence mov [r.sub.x], [v.sub.1]; arith [r.sub.x], [r.sub.x], [v.sub.2], where arith is the appropriate arithmetic instruction.