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or soc.,

1. socialist.
2. society.
3. sociology.


abbr of SocialistSoz.


abbr of societyGes.
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We believe this alliance will enable Cirrus Logic to expand its businesses in standard ARM-based system-on-chip solutions and in the thriving industrial applications arena overall," said Matthew Perry, vice president and general manager for Cirrus Logic's Embedded Products Division.
The program was established to satisfy the growing demand for ARM-based system-on-chip (SoC) designs by OEMs, and to serve ARM semiconductor partners that will need additional design resources to handle thost design wins relative to the competition in l designs created through an ATAP design partner must be fabricated by one of ARM's licensed semiconductor partners allowing additional flexibility for the OEM.
As the leading supplier of ARM-based system-on-chip solutions, we recognize the Windows CE market as a significant growth opportunity going forward," said Matt Perry, vice president and general manager of Cirrus Logic's newly formed Embedded Processor Products Division.