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arm 1

1. An upper limb of the human body, connecting the hand and wrist to the shoulder.
2. A part similar to a human arm, such as the forelimb of an animal or a long part projecting from a central support in a machine.
3. Something, such as a sleeve on a garment or a support on a chair, that is designed to cover or support the human arm.
4. A relatively narrow extension jutting out from a large mass: an arm of the sea. See Synonyms at branch.
5. An administrative or functional branch, as of an organization.
6. Power or authority: the long arm of the law.
7. Sports The skill of throwing or pitching a ball well.
an arm and a leg Slang
An excessively high price: a cruise that cost an arm and a leg.
arm in arm
With arms linked together: They walked across the beach arm in arm.
at arm's length
At such a distance that physical or social contact is discouraged: kept the newcomer at arm's length at first.
with open arms
With great cordiality and hospitality.

[Middle English, from Old English earm; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

armed (ärmd) adj.

arm 2

1. A weapon, especially a firearm: troops bearing arms; ICBMs, bombs, and other nuclear arms.
2. A branch of a military force: infantry, armor, and other combat arms.
3. arms
a. Warfare: a call to arms against the invaders.
b. Military service: several million volunteers under arms; the profession of arms.
4. arms
a. Heraldry Bearings.
b. Insignia, as of a state, an official, a family, or an organization.
v. armed, arm·ing, arms
1. To supply or equip oneself with weaponry.
2. To prepare oneself for warfare or conflict.
1. To equip with weapons: armed themselves with loaded pistols; arm a missile with a warhead; arm a nation for war.
2. To equip with what is needed for effective action: tax advisers who were armed with the latest forms.
3. To provide with something that strengthens or protects: a space reentry vehicle that was armed with a ceramic shield.
4. To prepare (a weapon or electronic system, such as an alarm) for use or operation, as by releasing a safety device.
up in arms
Extremely upset; indignant.

[From Middle English armes, weapons, from Old French, pl. of arme, weapon, from Latin arma, weapons; see ar- in Indo-European roots. Verb, Middle English armen, from Old French armer, from Latin armāre, from arma.]

armed (ärmd) adj.
arm′er n.


adjustable-rate mortgage


a person who arms
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Brett Williams, a partner in CPBigwood's residential service charge department and a former chairman of ARMA, said: "Leaseholders should be able to expect a quality service when it comes to the management of their home.
As an indication of the significance and demand for this guidance in the leasehold sector, ARMA recently devised a dedicated training course in anticipation of its publication - it sold out within days.
The company said ARMA, the modular multi-wheel configuration wheeled armoured vehicle, would be exported before making its debut in the Turkish military.
La logica de disuasion sostenida por las potencias que poseen armas nucleares --y que justifican su tenencia como garantia de su seguridad--lleva inevitablemente a que otros paises intenten conseguirlas, por las mismas razones.
La ambicion por las armas nucleares que propicio Estados Unidos ese 16 de julio se propago con los primeros ensayos nucleares de la Union Sovietica (29 de agosto de 1949), Reino Unido (3 de octubre de 1952), Francia (13 de febrero de 1960) y China (16 de octubre de 1964).
De acuerdo con The New York Times, en este pais la tasa de mortalidad por homicidios con armas es de aproximadamente 31 por cada millon de personas, lo que equivale a que diariamente 27 personas son tiroteadas en el ano.
Las nuevas formas de expresion de la violencia muestran que el uso de armas de fuego es un patron comun.
Con una votacion por mayoria de cinco contra cuatro a su favor, Scalia declaro que las prohibiciones en contra de las armas de fuego quedaban "descartadas" en el distrito de Columbia.
O presidente Barack Obama--cuja administracao se iniciou em 2009--deu destaque, em seu discurso em Praga em abril daquele mesmo ano, a sua estrategia para o avanco na direcao de um mundo livre de armas nucleares.
Between 2005 and 2009, de Armas and his co-conspirators mislead investors in a lending facility called Ocala Funding, concealing there were inadequate assets backing it.
El analisis de la posesion, disfrute y exhibicion de armas en el interior o el exterior de las viviendas durante el Antiguo Regimen no cuenta, a mi juicio, con estudios que expresen quienes eran los propietarios, cuanto costaban las armas, cuales pertrechos armados aparecen en las casas y por que se tenian armas de fuego o armas blancas en el Antiguo Regimen y mas en concreto en el siglo XVIII.