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1. arranged.
2. arrangement.
3. arrival.
4. arrive.


abbr of arrival, arrivesAnk.
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Table 4 depicts the ARP and ARR results quantified for Oliva dataset and the same has been illustrated in Figure 12.
2 per cent increase in ARR to $337, resulting in RevPAR edging down 0.
Education is a key part of enabling this process, with ARRs playing a crucial role in the programme acting as intermediaries between the schools and ABI.
6) The prospect of ARR caused considerable alarm in the UK art market and, despite heavy lobbying and UK Government opposition, the Directive was eventually adopted in 2001--having first been proposed in 1996.
The two main factors that led to the demonstration that PA was much more common were: 1) the introduction of the ARR as a screening test, which proved to be more sensitive than aldosterone assessed separately with renin, and 2) the application of the ARR to a wider population to include normokalemic patients and those with milder forms of hypertension.
In Jeddah hotels, occupancy reached 74 per cent, marking one per cent growth, while ARR was $272 and RevPAR was $203.
The rise in ARR was driven by the corporate segment as a result of events that include the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, it added.
ARR recovered from the particularly low base witnessed in November 2012 caused by political turmoil, soaring 36.
The ARR and CDR may provide an opportunity for taxpayers to eliminate intercompany gain that otherwise could interfere with business planning and restructuring.
With an annual relapse rate (ARR) reduction in patients of 23%, laquinimod will need to prove its novel mechanism of action is significantly safer and has greater neuroprotective capacity than Gilenya, which reported data of 62% ARR in newly treated patients and 44% reduction in previously treated patients.
Particularly interesting approaches can be found in Baber and Kang (1996)--they find that accounting rates of return are higher than their implied internal rates of return for the US pharmaceutical industry, and Kelly (1996a,b), where the author finds that the ARR is an unreliable substitute for the IRR, using 44 Australian corporations between 1968 and 1990.
However, 1 report, albeit heavily questioned, has been made in the literature of a possible case in an ARR/ ARR sheep in Japan (9).