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Adj.1.ASAT - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbitASAT - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit; "antisatellite weapons"
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These companies earned a combined sum of TL 40 million a year, until the contracts for their services were transferred to ASAT, in a contract signed on June 29, while Ecelik served as minister of culture and tourism.
The article does not strive to reach a conclusion regarding how much the discussed strategic roles and other relevant factors impact the ASAT proliferation in quantitative terms and relative to each other.
The anti-satellite (ASAT) experiment conducted by the People's Republic of China on its own Fengyun-lC weather satellite in 2007 created the largest amount of orbital debris in the history of satellite fragmentation.
Simply put, a sneak ASAT attack against critical space functions within view of China would effectively render the United States blind and deaf and would provide China with freedom to maneuver and attack within the Asia Pacific region.
While a quick glance at the ASAT will be sufficient to recognize whether an anomalous event is forecast in the GEFS mean, much more detail is available.
Though officially against " any offensive space capabilities or weaponization of space", the defence ministry in 2010 had come out with a 15-year "Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap" that dwelt on the need to develop ASAT weapons "for electronic or physical destruction of satellites in both LEO (2,000km altitude above earth's surface) and GEO-synchronous orbits".
As routine practice at our institution, the ASAT is determined in all postmortem examinations at the time of evisceration and is measured from skin to fascia.
Unlike China's 2007 demonstration of its ASAT capabilities, which left more than 3,000 pieces of debris in orbit, the Indian test faced no international criticism, largely because it was intended to blunt China's edge in space-war capabilities.
The clash resulted in severe injuries to a woman namely Asat, 45.
Mission Shakti, as it was called, was a demonstration of a direct-ascent anti-satellite weapon (ASAT)--or in plain English, a missile launched from the ground.
The district administration identified the deceased as Ms Qaima, 35, wife of Punhoon, Gul Zadi, 30, wife of Meer Hassan, Shahzadi, 25, wife of Sikandar, Ms Asat, 50, wife of Kamal, Ms Popri, 35, wife of Khan Mohammad, Imran, 1, son of Khan Mohammad, Abdul Wahab, 4, son of Sono, Sikandar, 2.