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Adj.1.ASAT - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbitASAT - of or relating to a system to destroy satellites in orbit; "antisatellite weapons"
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According to the report, China already began training their military units to operate ground-based ASAT missiles and started testing their counter space missiles.
The Free Beacon estimated that Moscow spends $5 billion annually on ASAT weapons such as the Nudol ASAT ground-launched missile that was most recently tested in December 2016.
China did the same, demonstrating a new "hit-to-kill" ASAT weapon system in 2007.
These companies earned a combined sum of TL 40 million a year, until the contracts for their services were transferred to ASAT, in a contract signed on June 29, while Ecelik served as minister of culture and tourism.
A directional analysis reveals that in the frame of reference of the satellite at fragmentation looking vertically downwards, the ASAT most likely came from the left; from slightly behind; and from slightly above the horizontal plane.
However, the argument that US armed forces are critically dependent on satellites and therefore extremely vulnerable to disruption from Chinese ASAT attacks is not rooted in evidence.
The evolution of Chinese kinetic kill vehicles and other ASAT weapons produces the following question: What is China's perceived need for an ASAT weapons program, and what viable means does the United States possess to counter this threat?
The following discussion, focused on the forecast verifying at 0000 UTC 22 January 2010, provides an example of the use of standardized anomalies and the ASAT in anticipating extreme events.
Though officially against " any offensive space capabilities or weaponization of space", the defence ministry in 2010 had come out with a 15-year "Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap" that dwelt on the need to develop ASAT weapons "for electronic or physical destruction of satellites in both LEO (2,000km altitude above earth's surface) and GEO-synchronous orbits".