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Noun1.ASCII character - any member of the standard code for representing characters by binary numbers
American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ASCII - (computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies; a string of 7 binary digits represents each character; used in most microcomputers
grapheme, graphic symbol, character - a written symbol that is used to represent speech; "the Greek alphabet has 24 characters"
ASCII control character, control character - ASCII characters to indicate carriage return or tab or backspace; typed by depressing a key and the control key at the same time
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Data on both ports A and B are monitored for ASCII character command sequences.
Early CMC protocols, considering only the English-speaking world, used a limited ASCII character set of the 26 Roman letters, their capital versions, the numbers from 0 to 9, and some punctuation.
The SAM4L devices feature peripherals designed to reduce the overall power consumption such as the innovative LCD controller that include ASCII character mapping, hardware scrolling and blinking support.
Yackulic's unusual process for creating vast sections of the images is clearly visible, and what could easily be a gimmicky trope finally seems less like ASCII character drawing than concrete poetry.
ASCII character code definitions, reserved words in C and formal specifications for input and output.
Aztec Code is a high-density two-dimensional matrix style barcode symbology that can encode up to 3750 characters from the entire 256-byte ASCII character set.
The chip includes a pleasant surprise: It converts values to and from ASCII character strings.
How well does this work and what are the larger implications of moving away from our long suffering pal, the ASCII character set keyboards use?
The only way to get around this problem is to encode the binary file before sending it, so that the resulting file contains only the 128 characters that form the basic ASCII character set.
They can contain any element of the standard ASCII character set.
In an SGML document, both markup (also called "tags") and content are represented in the basic ASCII character set.
A special requirements was the need for the network and its terminal equipment to support the American Library Association (ALA) ASCII character set which incorporates diacritic marks and other special symbols used when cataloging library materials.