American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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(ˈæs ki)

a standardized code in which characters are represented for computer storage and transmission by the numbers 0 through 127.
[1960–65; A(merican) S(tandard) C(ode for) I(nformation) I(nterchange)]
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Noun1.American Standard Code for Information Interchange - (computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companiesAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange - (computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies; a string of 7 binary digits represents each character; used in most microcomputers
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer code, code - (computer science) the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions
ASCII character - any member of the standard code for representing characters by binary numbers
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It converts an individual domain label to an alternative format using only ASCII characters (i.e.
Playing a video as ASCII characters sure makes it funnier
The Model 4720 monitors the data on its A and B ports and responds to custom protocol ASCII characters “Switch to A” or “Switch to B” command sequences.
This paper is organized as follows: the following section introduces CA, the third section introduces the proposed CA model that we used to generate random ASCII characters and the forth section introduces the conclusion of this paper.
A typical module communicates position and time information as ASCII characters transmitted from a serial port.
In addition, DNS allows for only a subset of the ASCII character set, raising issues "for companies with names in languages that use no ASCII characters at all" (p.
As a serial remote display, the SLIM-1 accepts ASCII characters. All segments and decimal points are user-programmable for special effects and messages.
The printable ASCII characters are the only character set I know which is both common and well-defined, but even it contains characters (such as \, |, ^) which are not typically found in normal writing.
Take advantage of ASCII characters like dashes (-), asterisks (*) and arrows (>) and limit the use of bold and italics.
One page of ASCII characters requires approximately 2KB of storage; therefore, 1GB stores approximately 500,000 ASCII pages.
Cosic, who has recently done a brilliant ASCII film series (including Deep Throat rendered in ASCII characters!) used a readily available robot program, or "bot," to copy the site when Documenta announced that it was soon to be taken down.
Text editors excel at manipulating ASCII characters. Text editors complement word processors, whose purpose is to format ASCII characters.