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1. astronomer.
2. astronomical.
3. astronomy.
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Rene Vermeulen, Director of the Radio Observatory at ASTRON, is delighted about the international collaboration.
Astron. Assoc., 44 (1999)) includes an extensive discussion of the history of terminator projections.
Astron. Assoc., 58, 86-88 & 99-101 (1948), and 59, 174-175 & 181-182 (1949).
polar cap is readily available: Astron. & Geophys., 48(4), 8-10 (2008).
Four decades later, the mobileconnected 'smartwatch' has proved a wild success for Apple and many others, but thankfully hasn't prove to be as much of a threat to Switzerland as 1969's closing curveball 25TH DECEMBER Like Indiana Jones snatching his fedora as the door slid down on 1969, Japanese mega-brand Seiko chose Christmas Day to launch something that changed everything in watchmaking: the 'Astron' - nothing less than the first-ever quartz-crystalregulated battery wristwatch.
It was designed, built and no N R now operated by ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy).
Attracted by this significantly less expensive innovation, Seiko swiftly developed electronic watches, and on Christmas Day in 1969, the company unveiled the Astron wristwatch, the world's first quartz watch.
Situated with the Aston Martin Brand Experience Centre at No.8 Dover Street, the Works Heritage showroom is a convenient destination for customers interested in acquiring a heritage model or learning about the restoration services available at Astron Martin Works Service in Newport Pagnell.
The city hired Astron General Contracting Company to clean and paint the bridge's structural steel components and remove and replace grommets, according to an earlier news release.
"It's some sort of extreme physics that causes this emission and so the goal is to understand that," study co-author Betsey Adams of ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, said at a briefing.