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(Animals) another name for the silver orfe. See orfe
[C19: from New Latin idus, from Swedish id]


or -id

a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds.


intact dilatation and extraction.


Integrated Drive Electronics: a standard for computer interface ports that allows the disk controller of an IDE-compatible hard drive or CD-ROM drive to be integrated into the disk itself. Compare EIDE, SCSI.
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ESPECIFICACIONES: Procesador Intel Xeon a 3.06GHz, soporta hasta dos procasadores, 1GB en memoria RAM, soporta hasta 4GB de memoria PC2100 DDR SDRAM con capacidad ECO, controlador integrado Dual Channel Ultra ATA-100 IDE, disco duro de 80GB ATA y soporta hasta dos discos de 80GB cada uno, una ranura de 3.3V PCl de 64 bits a 133MHz, puerto serial, para teclado y raton, cuatro USB, dos puertos de red Ethernet RJ-45.
The Dimension 8300 contains an Intel chipset, Dual-channel DDR-SDRAM memory running at 400MHz, graphics card, Ultra ATA-100 hard drive with a capacity of up to 200GB, 10/100 integrated Ethernet connectivity, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Works 7.0, Dell Movie Studio and a one-year collect and return warranty.
Hercules features four RS-232 ports (two with RS-485 capability), four USB 1.1 ports, 2 IDE channels (one supporting ATA-100 high-speed transfer mode), and a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port.
Hard drive options include 40 and 60 G[B.sup.2] ATA-100, 5,400 rpm.
The new storage system is a configurable, expandable RAID system in a 1U-high, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis with four ATA-100 hot-swappable hard drives (up to 320GB) and redundant hot-swappable 250-Watt power supplies.