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Noun1.atar - essential oil or perfume obtained from flowersatar - essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers
essential oil, volatile oil - an oil having the odor or flavor of the plant from which it comes; used in perfume and flavorings
attar of roses, rose oil - a volatile fragrant oil obtained from fresh roses by steam distillation
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We formally establish the model selection oracle property enjoyed by the Atan estimator.
Israeli sources Saturdaynight claimed that an unknown Palestinian opened fire atan Israeli ambulance near Bet El settlement east of Ramallah, central West Bank.
ONCE a familiar sight on racecourses across Ireland and further afield, the yellow and blue silks of Michael Smurfit are rarely spotted these days, but they will be on display at Clonmel tonight when Atan represents the owner.
Another large incident was in Sanaa, the capital, where bombings of Fag Atan mountain, which houses the capital's largest weapon depot, flattened houses and killed at least 20 civilians, the rights office said.
In a separate attack on Monday, Saudi-led coalition forces targeted the headquarters of Yemen Today TV in Al-Sabeen's Atan neighborhood, a station founded by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The Fag Atan area has been targeted several times since the start of the air campaign against Houthis.
Mushroom clouds rose over Fag Atan, in the mountainous outskirts of Sanaa, where the capital's largest weapons caches are located.
Atan age where most boys can't put down the controls to their PlayStations, one 14-year-old has been helping find solutions to UAE's environmental problems at a global youth forum.
Que atan nuestra vida a las vidas de los hijos y ahora, a las
Tajuddin Atan, Chief Executive Officer, Bursa Malaysia said the appointment of a custody and settlement services provider is an important development.
KABUL (Pajhwok): A ceremony marking the Nawroz festival got under way at the Presidential Palace in Kabul with the Afghan national dance called Atan on Thursday morning.
La visual del director Ignacio Escarcega y la franqueza actoral dan una refrescante interpretacion de esta comedia de enredos donde los juegos de seduccion atan y desatan a las parejas de forma agil y divertida.