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Noun1.atar - essential oil or perfume obtained from flowersatar - essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers
essential oil, volatile oil - an oil having the odor or flavor of the plant from which it comes; used in perfume and flavorings
attar of roses, rose oil - a volatile fragrant oil obtained from fresh roses by steam distillation
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A live audio webcast of the panel will be available by visiting the Investors and Media section of the Atara website.
The Palestinian, who was identified as Hanthala al-Shaikh from Jerusalem's Beit Iksa village, told WAFA Israeli forces stationed at Atara checkpint stopped his car and confiscated his Identity card before severally beating him up and destroying his car, under the pretext of searching for 'weapons'.
Results from the first Phase 3 study of tab-cel are anticipated in the first half of 2019, when Atara also expects to submit a conditional marketing authorisation application in the European Union.
One of the Main agenda of this conference is to launch their official website and official social media hashtag and pages, so the 'enthusiasts' can exactly know where and how to find the right 'Dinner in the Sky Pakistan by Ali Atara'.
IMEMC said that the soldiers surrounded many villages and towns, especially 'Aboud, Nabi Saleh, Um Safa, Deir Abu Mashal, Deir Nitham, Ein Siniya, 'Atara and al-Jalazoun, stopped and searched hundreds of cars and examined the ID cards of the passengers while interrogating many of them.
Let's consider a spy agency S = {[S.sub.i], [S.sub.2], ..., Si000} of a country Atara against its enemy country Batara.
Atara models feature front and rear corner parking sensors, with the S variant also gaining a 4.2-inch digital information display in the dash.
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